John Kaye Q & A

John Kaye Q & A

Tell us a bit about yourself, both as a person and as an artist. Do you remember the moment you fell in love with art or was it a gradual process? 

I'm an Australian Painter currently based in Seoul, South Korea. I've been painting for about 15 years now. It was a gradual process, The more I learn and the more I paint the more it becomes part of me. For me personally, art began as a way to escape reality, until eventually, it became something to believe in. 

Can you tell us about your process, from the beginning to the completion of a work? 

I try to let things grow naturally as I build a painting, I generally have an idea in my head beforehand that is developed from my own experiences slowly. Sometimes the plan changes throughout the process though and I like that, I don't want to restrict myself with a calculated outcome. I sketch and write and take a lot of photos. That's where things begin for me, Sometimes it takes a long time before I turn things from my notes into paintings but they develop as I live and when the situation is right for what I want to make, I start a particular painting that I might have been roughly visualising for a while and then work through that until I'm happy with it.  

Are there any writers, artists or musicians that are an inspiration to you at the moment? Who are your biggest influences?

I'm always inspired by musicians, photographers and writers more so than painters for some reason. I have been studying Francesca Woodman and Ed Van Der Elsken a lot recently. I think they both have had a big impact on the way I'm making my most recent body of work here in Korea.

Can you talk about the body of work you are currently showcasing with FINEPRINT co? What did it evolve from, and where do you see this series going? 

Those paintings were all developed while I was living in Copenhagen in 2016, They were built from my notes and sketches and I painted them all in my studio on the Gold Coast over the summer of 2017-18. In my opinion, they encapsulate the ideas of love, loss, fragility and motion.  

How do you navigate the art world? Which current art world trends are you following?

I try to rely on my instincts mostly and read as much as I can. I use my art to navigate my way through my own life, Beyond that, I just work hard on the things I love to do and everything has just happened at the right time as a result. 

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